Alcaidesa (Torrecarbonera y Hacienda)

This is an almost natural rustic beach that has been awarded Blue Flag status by virtue of its clean waters, which also give it its nickname "The Resort". Alcaidesa beach also has an official nudist area.

Cala Sardina

Cala Sardina, also known as Playa el Cabrero o Cala Taraje, is a pristine beach with dark sand located in a cove. As it so happens, a scene from the American comedy movie “Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo” was shot on location here.


This urban beach is located in the village of Campamento, where a large number of bars and restaurants can be found.


This suburban beach features small sand dunes and is situated in the village of Guadarranque, where Carteia Archaeological Site (700 BC) and the mouth of the Guadarranque river are situated.

Puente Mayorga

This urban beach is located in the village of Puente Mayorga, where there are also several bars and restaurants.

Puerto Sotogrande

This beach is located near El Octógono Beach & Tennis Club, within the Sotogrande Port & Marina and is considered to be an urban beach. Various bars and restaurants are available nearby, as well as beach bars.

Sotogrande (Guadaquitón y Borondo)

This long beach stretches almost endlessly towards the Rock of Gibraltar and is located next to the luxurious Sotogrande Costa residential area. The first part of the beach is situated by the mouth of the Guadiaro River and ends near the Torrecarbonera lighthouse. As you leave Sotogrande behind, the beach is almost deserted and wild.


This is a dark, sandy beach with small pebbles, also known as Seashell Beach. It is located in the village that bears the same name, which is home to numerous bars and restaurants.

Opening hours

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Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
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